Welcome to my personal web page regarding my teaching/tutoring chemistry courses for university and college  in metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

I am experienced and qualified chemistry tutor with BSc, MSc and PhD degree in organic-organometallic chemistry and 18 years of credible experience in teaching/tutoring at university level with an excellent record of success from my current and previous students. I tutored more than 400 students in metro vancouver and across Canada/US for university and college chemistry courses.


My teaching/tutoring covers general, organic, inorganic, organometallic, physical, analytical, engineering, life science chemistry, MCAT chemistry preparation (DAT, PCAT and OAT) grade 11/1 IB and AP chemistry (SL, HL) as well as SAT chemistry. For metro Vancouver, across Canada, US and other locations tutoring is in person in metro Vancouver and online for out of metro Vancouver students.

My one-on-one or group teaching/ tutoring:

  • elaboration of course concepts in deep

  • providing a study plan for each student according to the student background that student should follow with intense focus, commitment and continuous practice

  • providing practice problems to student in PDF format

  • working with student on practice problems, assignments and practice questions, problem sets, midterm and finals exams from recent years (2010-2022)

  • I hold every semester review sessions for midterm/final exams for UBC, SFU or other schools so please check Review Sessions section

Please be informed in order to achieve a good grade you need to start your study from the beginning of semester and on a regular basis and build gradually a strong foundation towards a good grade especially for courses like organic chemistry. 

Please look at chemistry courses that I would provide teaching/tutoring session(s) either on one on one basis or a group basis. Also, I help students with laboratory related to each chemistry course.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

Good luck in your chemistry study. Start early to get the best results not the exam night.


Dr. M. G. (August 2022)

Bsc., Msc., PhD (organic-organometallic)

Only Specialized Chemistry Tutoring in metro Vancouver. universitychemistrycourses@gmail.com, Phone: 604-700-5192