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  • Fee for one on one tutoring is $75 per hour

  • Fee for a group tutoring is $45 per hour per student (two or more students, you should have a group and bring your group to tutoring session)

  • The tutoring is done on a regular weekly basis (no occasional tutoring) or two sessions or more.  

  • Attending an exam review session for midterm or final is $80 per student for 4-hour session and $70 for 3-hour session

  • For starting tutoring session you need to contact at least 4 days before the day you wish to start and providing me with your empty weekly schedule from Monday to Friday to find a day/time for tutoring session provided I have a time to offer. I do not provide my availability to students   

  • My tutoring only applies to serious students who wanted to achieve excellence in chemistry subject and serious about their grades

  • Please be informed I do not accept new student(s) in exam night for midterm/final because one session teaching does not change anything

  • University-chemistry is associated only with Chemistry courses

      You need to follow booking rules at All Times:

  • A booking can be cancelled the day before tutoring session

  • If you cancelled on the day of session (for any reason) or you did not show up to the session you must pay an hour fee

  • Fee is paid by e-transfer for each session on the day of tutoring 

  • No Home Tutoring

   Locations: UBC Campus and SFU Burnaby Campus

Only Specialized Chemistry Tutoring in metro Vancouver., Phone: 604-700-5192                                                

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