I tutored more than 150 students in SFU Burnaby and Surrey campus for chemistry courses. The chemistry courses that I cover in my teaching/tutoring are:


SFU general chemistry CHEM 121/120, CHEM 122:


The main topics are: atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding; thermo-chemistry; elements; periodic table, gases liquids, solids, and solutions.

Chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids/bases, aqueous equilibrium, entropy, free energy, and electro-chemistry.

SFU organic chemistry CHEM 281, CHEM 282/283:


The main topics are: chemical bonding and structure of carbon based (organic) molecules. nomenclature, chemical, physical and spectroscopic properties of organic molecules, alkanes, cycloalkanes, alkenes, haloalkanes, alcohols and ethers (epoxides) acidity/basicity, stereochemistry reactivity concepts. addition, elimination, nucleophilic substitution, oxidation, reduction, dehydration reactions, NMR and IR.

Dienes, diels-Alder reactions, conjugation, aromaticity, aromatic substitution reactions, carbonyl chemistry, carboxylic acids,  acyl compounds and carbohydrates.

Other SFU chemistry courses:

CHEM 110, CHEM 215, CHEM 230, CHEM 260, CHEM 316, CHEM 332, CHEM 340, CHEM 360, CHEM 371, CHEM 380, CHEM 432, CHEM 439 and CHEM 450

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