Midterm/Final exam review sessions:


I hold review sessions for midterm or final exams for some of the chemistry courses usually two days before midterm/final exam date. I held for the last 5 years, review sessions for CHEM 233, 205, 282/283, 281, 213, 121, 122, 123 and 260. More than 250 students attended these review sessions and each review session is usually for 4 hours. The review session for midterm/final exam designed for students who wanted to test themselves before the midterm/final exam and increase their skills and knowledge.


I review important concepts of the course by covering 60 selected questions step by step in order that students understand the course concepts fully and ready to deal with exam questions. Also, I provide students with some practical points that how to handle the exam questions more efficiently in a timely manner. Each review session has a maximum capacity of 10 students in order to have a high quality session in which I can elaborate each question properly and address student(s) questions.

Review sessions for midterm/final exams UBC and SFU :

CHEM 233 (UBC), CHEM 205 (UBC), CHEM 213 (UBC)

CHEM 123 (UBC), CHEM 260 (UBC), CHEM 121 (UBC), CHEM 111 (UBC)

CHEM 283/282 (SFU), CHEM 281 (SFU), CHEM 121 (SFU), CHEM 122 (SFU)

Scheduled Review Sessions:

CHEM 123 UBC on Sunday February 2nd on UBC campus (3 hours session)

Chemistry Review:

You may need help with review of chemistry concepts such as organic, inorganic, organometallic, analytical, physical, general, environmental chemistry or studying and preparing for Summer or September semester or you may have an online chemistry course to change your career (entering medical school, dentistry or pharmacy) and you need some help. I definitely can help you to understand your chemistry course concepts properly and also I can help you with your assignments and preparation for midterms and final exams in order to achieve your goals. If you want to change your career and you need to take chemistry course(s) please contact me before taking any course and I give you some ideas about where to take the chemistry course(s) in order that you achieve a high grade. (no obligation)

Review materials:

  • General chemistry

  • Organic chemistry

  • Inorganic chemistry

  • Analytical chemistry

  • Organometallic chemistry

  • Physical chemistry

  • Life science chemistry

  • Environmental chemistry

  • Chemistry grade 11 and 12 (IB and AP) as well as SAT chemistry

  • GRE subject (chemistry)

Grade 11/12 IB and AP topics (SL and HL):


Stoichiometric relationships, atomic structure, periodicity, chemical bonding and structure, energetics/thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, redox processes, organic chemistry, measurement and data processing
Optional topics: materials, biochemistry, energy, medicinal chemistry

SAT chemistry subject test:

Structure of matter (atomic structure, molecular structure, bonding), states of matter (gases, liquids and solids, solutions)
reaction types (acids and bases, oxidation-reduction, precipitation), stoichiometry (mole concept, chemical equations)
equilibrium and reaction rates, thermochemistry, descriptive chemistry (including organic chemistry) and Laboratory

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