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Midterm/Final Exam Review Sessions:


I hold review sessions for midterm or final exams for some of the chemistry courses usually two days before midterm/final exam date. I held for the last 7 years, review sessions for CHEM 233, 205, 282/283, 280/281, 213, 120/121, 122, 123/130 and 260. More than 300 students attended since 2015 these review sessions and each review session is usually for 3 to 4 hours. The review session for midterm/final exam designed for students who wanted to test themselves before the midterm/final exam and increase their skills and knowledge.


I review important concepts of the course by covering about 50 selected questions step by step in order that students understand the course concepts fully and ready to deal with exam questions. Also, I provide students with some practical points that how to handle the exam questions more efficiently in a timely manner. Each review session has a maximum capacity of 25 students in order to have a high quality session in which I would elaborate each question properly and address students' questions.

Review sessions for midterm/final exams UBC and SFU :

CHEM 233 (UBC), CHEM 205 (UBC), CHEM 213 (UBC)

CHEM 123/130 (UBC), CHEM 260 (UBC), CHEM 120/121 (UBC), CHEM 110/111 (UBC)

CHEM 283/282 (SFU), CHEM 280/281 (SFU), CHEM 120/121 (SFU), CHEM 122 (SFU)

Scheduled Review Sessions For Final Exams:

UBC CHEM 233 Final Exam Review Session on Sunday Dec 10 on UBC campus (4-hour session) 

SFU CHEM 281 Final Exam Review Session on Saturday Dec 9 on Burnaby campus (3.5-hour session) 

Students who want to attend a review session should contact me via below email to register in advance. 

Only Specialized Chemistry Tutoring in metro Vancouver., Phone: 604-700-5192

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